Horton Hears A Who and Meta Civilizations

META - Anti-gravity Nano Sci-fi Mystery (Horton Hears a Who)

The Horton Hears a Who movie is almost here and it looks pretty cool! The movie trailer made me realize that the Dr. Suess book was probably my first introduction to meta concepts and in particular to a society at a smaller level. Of course we can then ask ourselves if our universe is part of some larger system.

I explore these themes in a more realistic way in the Nano Anti-gravity Sci-fi Mystery called META.

http://www.zenvlog.com and then click META Mystery on the left.

META is set in the year 2020 and is an offshoot of the Dan Zen game called Save Earth but it goes further into several levels of civilizations down through nano measurements into information actually being communicated in the apparently random appearances of electrons around protons.

There is a girl heroine called Avid Zag who luckily gets to ride an anti-gravity board.

The story is told through a tool called Zen Mix which lets you take video and put it on top of picture and apply cool blend modes (actually, you can mix interactive works with Zen Mix too).

There are twenty phrases each beginning with “It will come to be” so it becomes a bit of a mantra / prophecy. The actors will span the ages from 5 years old to 95 years old. Currently about half the entries have been produced and we are just out of the teens.

A modern view of the concept of META is being explored in depth through the philosophy of Nodism. This takes learnings from XML (the current way we share organized information) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP – the current way we model life in games and simulations) and explores the concept of a single hierarchy. If you are interested in learning more, please leave a note or visit the Nodism site.


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2 Responses to “Horton Hears A Who and Meta Civilizations”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    Well… just saw Horton and it was okay. I liked the kid. And it was cool that the ending brings us back to the concept that we might be a speck to some larger civilization.

    There might be some physical limitations to size when it comes to life. I can see life at a smaller scale working because perhaps information can exist and be perceived at molecular levels.

    It is harder to imagine information at planetary levels. As in, if our planets and stars are information and some being is analyzing or living through gravitational connections, etc. Life perhaps could be built up in size for instance cities that become alive moving to planets that act alive in a communication net etc. But naturally it is hard to imagine.

    And I do not really think that everything gets smaller and all of a sudden a part of quark is itself a full universe that within appears to be huge. I like that idea but I do not believe it. How about you?

  2. patrick Says:

    Dr. Seuss is classic, after seeing Horton Hears a Who i remembered how much he packs into relatively simple storylines…

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