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Dan Zen – “Master Magician” Series

January 15, 2011

Touchy is on TV – see the Inventive iPhone App Introduced by Kayla and Alex

September 10, 2010

TouchyTV has launched at with three episodes.  Kayla and Alex commentate on games of Touchy.

Host shows the episodes one after the other with a slight delay or you can roll over the bottom of the video for a navigation.

Touchy is the mobile mediated game where you try and touch other players’ screen but do not let them touch yours.  It is an iPhone/iPod Touch game available on the Apple App Store for $0.99 – look for Touchy by Dan Zen.

The Touchy site is at  There is also a facebook application to challenge friends to a Touchy Duel – see the facebook page at and go to the Touchy Duel application tab.

Have fun and please help spread the word.  From our testing, Touchy is a transformative game with old friends laughing a new – teens finally finding that social icebreaker – parents getting an update on the old wrestle.  We thank you for being a Touchy Ambassador!

Dan Zen

mad Inventor meets mobile finds peace

Many a Love Guru Keep in Shape with Psychedelic Dancing as Exercise

June 10, 2008

Here is a post from ZenVlog that summarizes various interests in guroovity. Enjoy!


Click to View Vlog
or see: Part 1 | Part 2

The movie The Love Guru is coming out soon – looking forward to it!

All gurus of love psychedelic dance as one of their forms of exercise.

Dan Zen dances to The Garden – a social environmental Indian / Arabian / Persian sounding a Capella yodeling psychedelic song! Please see the video on YouTube. Or download the song from SoundClick. Or visit the Dan Zen page on facebook.

Dan Zen wears his San Francisco Groovy Guru robe. The one he wore for the International Groovy Day poster. Should we choose a day for that? Or should it just be any day? Oh… also check out the Love Mash – the robe shows up there too and it would be cool if some more people made Zen Mixes and maybe someone will make us a love mash!

Dan Zen also “starred” in a movie called the Guru Monster Movie. Some of that can be seen pictorially on Thee Gnostics mySpace page – more to come as site happens.

In 1996, Dan Zen traveled to San Francisco and wore a guru robe – quite a beautiful traditional green robe with yellow embroidery. He was at the Macromedia Conference where Shockwave was unveiled. A flower lei held his festival pass. An Indian guard, after much deliberation, came up smiling and said, “You know… in my country… the women wear those robes”.

Get dancing people! Loosen up – no steps to follow – you can’t go wrong and it feels great – puts you in touch with your body and nobody has to know! Unless… you start vlogging it with Zen Mix!

Horton Hears A Who and Meta Civilizations

March 5, 2008

META - Anti-gravity Nano Sci-fi Mystery (Horton Hears a Who)

The Horton Hears a Who movie is almost here and it looks pretty cool! The movie trailer made me realize that the Dr. Suess book was probably my first introduction to meta concepts and in particular to a society at a smaller level. Of course we can then ask ourselves if our universe is part of some larger system.

I explore these themes in a more realistic way in the Nano Anti-gravity Sci-fi Mystery called META. and then click META Mystery on the left.

META is set in the year 2020 and is an offshoot of the Dan Zen game called Save Earth but it goes further into several levels of civilizations down through nano measurements into information actually being communicated in the apparently random appearances of electrons around protons.

There is a girl heroine called Avid Zag who luckily gets to ride an anti-gravity board.

The story is told through a tool called Zen Mix which lets you take video and put it on top of picture and apply cool blend modes (actually, you can mix interactive works with Zen Mix too).

There are twenty phrases each beginning with “It will come to be” so it becomes a bit of a mantra / prophecy. The actors will span the ages from 5 years old to 95 years old. Currently about half the entries have been produced and we are just out of the teens.

A modern view of the concept of META is being explored in depth through the philosophy of Nodism. This takes learnings from XML (the current way we share organized information) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP – the current way we model life in games and simulations) and explores the concept of a single hierarchy. If you are interested in learning more, please leave a note or visit the Nodism site.


META ~ Anti-gravity Nano Sci-fi: Verse 05

March 14, 2007

View Vlog

This is the sixth installment of the META nano anti-gravity sci-fi mystery vlog. The original post is below. Click here for the full mash to date. Here is the current META verse and once again, it would be cool to see someone else create a Zen Mix for the poem! Please do and post a link in the comments.

It will come to be that millions of patterns in grids in sectors in quadrants are mapped and tagged with pilot names including missed patterns which gain the pilots merit points. The pilots will perform with efficiencies and acquire standing.

META is a sci-fi story based in the times of the Dan Zen game, Save Earth.

A premise has been written in the form of a prophetic poem. The verses will be put into a Zen Mix and will be posted here over the next while.

We would like to encourage this type of story telling using Zen Mix. And indeed, if anyone would like to make a mix of any of the META episodes, please feel free to post the link to the mix in the comments of the episode post. It is so easy to do that we started our first one with an eight-year old daughter! Click above…

Show us that you are destined to be a star!

  1. Record yourself with a digital camera saying the poem below
  2. Upload this video to
  3. Take a picture for the background and post it on
  4. Go to to mix the two and then post the link here

You can use our background – just look beneath any mix to find out what video or background url was used and copy it into your own mix – remember copyright though. You are free to use our backgrounds for META. In this case we used an upcoming motion graphics tool called Zen Pan to make a background.

Here is the META verse 04…

It will come to be that Professor Y sets up SensoryNet remote controls and a fleet of volunteer pilots fly probes which spray oxygen against the sphere surrounding Earth to map its macro-crystaline structure.

Here is the META verse 03…

It will come to be that Professor Y determines the material of the sphere to be macro-crystaline with ten circular segmented patterns. Professor Y proposes that by mapping the patterns he can formulate a frequency to crack the sphere.

Here is the META verse 02…

It will come to be quite the task for the world government whose eyes turn to Professor Y for aid. Mad Inventor, Professor Y, will have just made the owners of velcro rich by designing velcro self cleansing environmental filters.

Here is the META verse 01…

It will come to be that on the eve of forming a world government a sphere of undetermined material surrounds earth letting sustenance in but not much out. It is assumed that the sphere is alien in construction – none claims responsibility.

Here is the META verse 00…

It will come to be that a new organization called the Free Nations will play watchdog to the United Nations and in 2020 after years of policy battle, the two will combine to form the World Government.

Even if you do not create a mix for META, you are welcome to leave your comments! In the future, we will tell further mysteries from Moustache Mysteries.

All the best,

Dan Zen

Zen Vlog Vlogging Site Features Mysteries and Amusements

October 28, 2006

Vlogging Features

Zen Vlog has grown to over twenty vlog entries many with multiple videos in the last four months.  The rapid growth is in part due to the ease of using the Zen Mix vlogging tool.  If you have not tried, give it a go.  You upload your picture to a place like Flickr, upload your video to a place like vimeo or and then mix them.

Sample categories on Zen Vlog are:

If anyone has any questions on what vlogging is or how to use the tools, please ask – we’d be happy to give suggestions to help you get vlogging.

All the best, Dan Zen.

Halloween Murder Mystery Party – Baron Digbody’s Castle

September 24, 2006

View Vlog


We’ve created a series of Zen Mixes for Baron Digbody’s Castle – the creepy castle caper written by the Moustache and previously featured as an interactive online mystery at These characters were posted weekly on Zen Vlog leading up to Halloween. You can also get the booklet along with links to all the mixes below and host your own mystery party. We have done so several times with this mystery and it is a blast! Full instructions for the mystery party are given as well. The mystery can be played with 8-12 characters. The links to the mixes are special private links so you can e-mail a link to a guest and they will only know how to access theirs.


Have some fun… host a mystery party… these cost over $20 in the store and you are stuck with the environmentally taxing packaging. Plus, no other mystery is quite as zany as a Moustache Mystery!

Meta Makes Google Front Page for Sci-fi Mystery

July 25, 2006

Our Meta anti-gravity nano sci-fi mystery has made the front page of google for the keywords sci-fi mystery.  Meta will be delivered as a prophetic poem of Zen Mix vlogs and shown on the site which features a number of other vlogs (video blogs) by mad inventor Dan Zen.

Here are the Google Results click to try!

META – Anti-gravity Nano Sci-fi Launches

July 22, 2006

META has soft-launched as an experiment in storytelling using Zen Mix. Click here for the vlog entry on Zen Vlog.

Zen Mix quickly allows you to distribute stories in an artistic manner. Just record video of your story and post it on Vimeo and then post a picture on flickr for the background. Go to Zen Mix to mix the two and apply effects. That’s it – free and fast. Of course you can post your pictures and video anywhere on the Web – it needs to be flv video which vimeo will convert any format to and host it for you.

Have fun!

Zen Mix Poised to Revolutionize Vlogging

July 2, 2006

Mad Inventor, Dan Zen, has just launched Zen Mix a free vlogging tool. A vlog or video log is an extension of blogging where instead of a text and picture post you have a video post.

Zen Mix at takes this one step further by allowing you to put Web video on top of a Web picture and apply cool blend effects all in seconds for free. This makes your vlog look much more interesting than just a talking head.

Zen Mix also features Mash technology to allow you to string mixes together by specifying the file names in the URL. You can use squiggly braces to randomize these, square brackets to pick a random mix from any within and round brackets to force sequence. Nested combinations of these work as well making the feature very powerful.

On Zen Mix there is an introduction mash, a features and error mash and a love mash showing mixes of people who dig Zen Mix.

The introduction mash shows how you can take a $200 digital camera and easily make a Zen Mix file in a couple minutes. You host your video at and your picture at and simple put the URLs into Zen Mix, size and position and apply effects. All this is done freely and very quickly online.

It should be noted that the Zen Mix site is quite possibly the first site to have only video content including the privacy message, error messages, promotional and instructional material, etc.

Dan Zen will be posting Zen Mix vlogs on his vlogging site at and you can read more about vlogging at

Best of luck and send us a love mash!

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