Interactivity Scale

Interactivity, computation and distribution are the three main distinctions between the Internet and the authoritative content of TV, Print and Radio.

The following is a chart showing aspects of interactivity with examples.  These are ordered by general purpose going from simple navigational interactivity for consumption at the bottom to enhanced interactivity for creation at the top.  There is often a blend of these aspects, for instance, you select and move a collage piece as you organize it.  The scale shows tendencies.

Dan Zen - Interactivity Scale

Click the picture for full size.  Let me know if this is useful or used.

Inventor Dan Zen


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7 Responses to “Interactivity Scale”

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    […] Dan Zen mad inventor meets Internet finds peace « Interactivity Scale […]

  2. Flash and HCJ (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) | Software Hamilton Says:

    […] to hone the tooling of Flash specifically for making enhanced interactive features (see INTERACTIVITY SCALE post). This means that there are hundreds of media specific classes (code) with thousands of […]

  3. Alvaro G. Carbonell Says:

    Knock Knock!

  4. Rico Suavey Says:

    It’s very useful for understanding Interactive Design in the first class.

  5. Interactive Media – Digido | Dan Zen Says:

    […] I do not consider an information site an interactive environment.  Navigation, in my mind, is the weakest form of interactivity and is already found in older media.  For instance, you navigate to what channel you want to watch or what book on the shelf and which page to read.  Please see my Interactivity Scale. […]

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    […] it can be more specifically called Web design.  Interactive media is much more – see the Interactivity Scale.  Interactive media allows us to create, communicate and play – not just consume.  To make […]

  7. Code Outside the Box with ZIM | ZIM js JavaScript Framework Says:

    […] in the authoritative media of print, radio and television. New Interactive Media requires a spectrum of tasks.  Most Web developers have never needed to code scaling, rotating, masking, dragging and hit […]

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