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Gogo! Animate YouTube Videos in your Ad Spots

April 16, 2012

Gogo - YouTube Video Ad by Ad Inventor

See the ads in action!

Read more at  Ad Inventor has been around for a while with dozens of different types of ads made – see for a rather dated history.  Please remember that when hypno was made, it was full screen size!

Note… gogo will show a static ad (of your choosing) for browsers that do not support Flash.


flickr Photos (not video as flickr has now added video – more on Flickr Video below) from Dan Zen

April 10, 2008

Dan Zen Photos

There is a site that tiles pictures from Flickr and here is a link to the latest Dan Zen shots arranged according to “Interestingness” determined by Flickr . There are many pages so please relax for a few minutes and have a browse. You can click on any picture and then choose the all size icon at the top of the Flickr page to go to larger versions of the picture.


Flickr is the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo. It is an amazing site of countless photographs organized by tags and put in groups by photographers (professional and not) from around the world. Here is the Dan Zen site on Flickr.

flickr VIDEO

Recently, flickr has added the feature to post video. This is something that I perhaps wanted 3 years ago but now with YouTube and and all these other video sites I think it is perhaps an unfortunate move by Yahoo. flickr was pure and in its purity had strength. It does indeed have an amazing organizing system and I can see the value of locating video in the same way we locate pictures. And there has been a bit of a lull on flickr so perhaps it will help but my intuition is that it is unnecessary and perhaps unwanted as the Flickr “We say NO to Videos on flickr” petition group below indicates.

Currently with 21,000 members.

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