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Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender Song with Missing Black Sock Wig

April 7, 2008

Dan Zen wearing a wig of unmatched socks fondly plays Peter Sellers playing Dr. Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender in What’s New Pussycat 1965. Sellers wears a long black wig and looks really groovy. He’s a bit of a mess personality wise.

See the video

The song deals with wanting to be hypnotized into being Fassbender – the song was written at the tail end of the Chessmen times part way into the psychedelic times of the Chessmen – still to be recorded and on the way to the Swinging Gurus and the space band, Thee Gnostics – soon to come out with some videos…

Grab the MP3

The song was made from all voices – I ended leaving the backing guitar in for a bit of filler. But all else is voices with minimal effects aside from some delay and reverb. I have been looking forward to doing more vocal sound recordings. I have started in on some experimental works to follow some of the experimental vocal works during Gnostics and side projects.

Mismatch Socks 1
Mismatch Socks 2 from Inventor Blog


How is it? Environmental Song

February 14, 2008

How is it?  Environmental Song

How is it? An environmental song…

No War – Music Video – Protest Guitar Song

February 9, 2008

No War - Antiwar song

No war is an anti-war song I wrote a few years back. It has an interesting story – here is the background. I have written about 70 songs over the last 10-20 years but certainly have slowed down. I think the last song was Brown Study – perhaps it was a curse. Just before Brown Study was a fast mod number called Triangle Man – it had rapid bar cords and was about everyone living the life of a superhero balancing work, rest and play in the modern world. The song was a few years old and I was just playing it at easter in the living room when I smelled an easter lily. That seemed to slow me down and I wondered, what cords am I actually playing. These turned out to be a bunch of C’s, D’s, F’s, G’s and normal stuff. So I left the bar codes and slowed it down. The lyrics then became how the smell of lily can replace superheroes – and No War was created. If you get a chance, leave a note on YouTube 😉

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