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Touchy on Dragons’ Den CBC

January 16, 2012

Touchy, the mobile game from Dan Zen will be featured in a short segment on CBC’s Dragon Den on January 18th, 2012 at 8PM.

Touchy – visit – is available on the Apple iTunes store and Android Market. It is a social game where players physically try to touch each others’ mobile screens. So it is a game of reaching and protecting – with shrieks of laughter!

Arlene and Robert play Touchy on Dragons' Den

Arlene and Robert laughing after a game of Touchy

The pitch went well – but I was called in the day after a three day conference with late parties each night and this was just after a long open house – after I stopped talking, I could hardly get my mouth open – all I could do was nod and smile! Oh well – Inventor Dan Zen.

Touchy Inventor Dan Zen on Dragons' Den CBC

We would love your help getting Touchy out to the people – please check out the game on iTunes and Android Market – just search for Touchy – links are available at, leave a review and tell anyone who you think would like to play – it is hard getting the message out to the youth – the primary market.

If you are interested in getting involved in an upcoming Touchy Tournament – find us on facebook and leave a message on the Wall – – all the best!


Altura – Pseudo Interactive Storytelling Site Launches

January 4, 2012

Altura at is a Web / Mobile site that lets people partake and write pseudo interactive stories in a fun and free manner.

We will not give away exactly how it works until you try it!  Suffice it to say, it is another interactive storytelling feature from creator Dan Zen – to add to the long list of interactive fiction environments:

Interactive Storytelling GAMES
Underwater Multi-user Sci-Fi Game
Save Future Earth With This Online Remote Control!
Zany Mysteries from the Mind of the Moustache!
Save thousands shrunk in a bottle!
Fly your blimp with all your friends!
Social Interactive Storytelling
Turn On, Jack In and Hang Out
Change sent mail after it is read
Spiral Encode Messages To Friends
Atmospheric Forums
Get Spied On!
Encouragement for blog comments
Interactive Storytelling EXPERIENCES
Whisper Words That Have Never Been Said
Philosophical Focus
Fly a Jet Pack Through a Million Clouds!
The Game You Can Only Play Once!
Ride the Prediction Train Into the Future
Interactive Storytelling APPS
Tell stories through Facebook status lines!
Predict-a-Poll Web 2.0 Site!
Say What you See Tool!
Cool Vlogging Tool
Scrolling Picture Viewer


Swoodle, Wavy, Tada!

November 12, 2011

Dan Zen has just launched three mobile apps on iOS, Android and Playbook. The apps were made efficiently with Adobe Flash and Flash Builder. Just search the stores for the apps by Dan Zen.

Swoodle Mobile App by Dan Zen TITLE: SWOODLE

BUILD: 2 Nights

DESC: Swoodle to hone your finger tai chi!

Wavy Mobile app by Dan Zen TITLE: WAVY!

BUILD: 1 Night

DESC: Wave your device to make sounds!

Tada! Mobile App by Dan Zen TITLE: TADA!

BUILD: 10 Nights

DESC: Decision and Faves tool.

The apps were uploaded to the three stores in one hour. This is amazing cross device efficiency from Adobe Flash and Flash Builder.

Dan Zen is the creator of TOUCHY the mobile app where players try to touch each others’ devices.

Touchy - Mobile Game by Dan Zen

PRIMALS – Facebook Game to Try to Sort Friends by When They Joined Facebook

January 4, 2011

Can you detect PRIMALS? Order your friends by which ones joined facebook first. Drop yourself in the mix and keep score! The surprising game of social adoption.

Try it out and pass it around with a “like” or a “tweet”.


TRONON – Facebook App to Draw Tron-like Cyber Circuits on Your Photos

December 20, 2010

Tronon - cyber drawings like Tron

Try it out!  TronOn lets you add cyber circuits to your facebook pictures.  Please share the news!


Touchy is on TV – see the Inventive iPhone App Introduced by Kayla and Alex

September 10, 2010

TouchyTV has launched at with three episodes.  Kayla and Alex commentate on games of Touchy.

Host shows the episodes one after the other with a slight delay or you can roll over the bottom of the video for a navigation.

Touchy is the mobile mediated game where you try and touch other players’ screen but do not let them touch yours.  It is an iPhone/iPod Touch game available on the Apple App Store for $0.99 – look for Touchy by Dan Zen.

The Touchy site is at  There is also a facebook application to challenge friends to a Touchy Duel – see the facebook page at and go to the Touchy Duel application tab.

Have fun and please help spread the word.  From our testing, Touchy is a transformative game with old friends laughing a new – teens finally finding that social icebreaker – parents getting an update on the old wrestle.  We thank you for being a Touchy Ambassador!

Dan Zen

mad Inventor meets mobile finds peace

Inventing for the Internet the Early Years

June 24, 2010

Inventing for the Internet

Over on the Inventor Blog, I have just posted on Inventing for the Internet – the Early Years. Below is a brief synopsis but please see the post for the examples.


Here is a look at inventing for the Internet written in 2005 looking back over the ten year period from 1995 up to 2005. In general, the focus was on making new use of the medium:

  1. People can interact to make content not just view content
  2. People can communicate with each other
  3. A computer mediates to enforce rules of a game or environment
  4. Production and distribution of virtual objects are free

Other inventive focus was the relation between story and game play. Sometimes a story would suggest game play but usually a relevant story was created for a given game play.

Here are the comments about inventing features for the Internet in the early years. Many of these ideas would have relevance being redone in today’s social media aware world – because we were socially aware in the past but perhaps did not quite have the platforms and sharing systems worked out.

Inventions for 2005 – 2010 will be the focus of the next posting.

Enjoy – Dan Zen – Full Post

Touchy – iPhone iPod Touch App Launches – the First Mobile Mediated Action Game!

March 29, 2010

Touchy is a unique iPhone / iPod Touch game where you wrestle with other people to touch their screen as they try to touch yours.

You and your friends, foes, yoga mates, family, competitors, party goers, etc. press the TOGETHER button at the same time and then try and touch each other’s targets.  The Touch application records how long each target is touched and awards points at the end.  Past scores and win-loss-ties are saved and totaled and an average is calculated.

WARNING – playing Touchy can easily result in minor injuries so play carefully – Dan Zen is not responsible for any damage to yourselves or your devices.

Here are some examples of play:

More can be found on the site.

The first mobile app I created was “phone says” in 2001 where you have to do what the phone says no matter where you are…

This was an early example of a mobile mediated game. Touchy is another where the game is outside the mobile device but the device acts to enforce rules or some aspect of play.

Mediated means to sit in the middle. Like a medium. Mediated reality is made up of augmented reality and diminished reality. Augmented is when we add to reality like adding descriptions to shapes we recognize. Diminished is when we take away from reality such as removing advertisements.

I have been involved in hundreds of mobile prototypes all with the focus of multimedia pioneering to take the extra aspect of location in to account. I cannot recall coming across an application like Touchy. So simple a concept and execution – but very inventive none the less.

The implementation of the “Together” button avoids complex multiuser functionality. It allows for synchronous play much like the starting gun in a race. Yet as far as I can tell, this functionality has not been implemented in a mobile game. If you find an example, please let us know.

Now why not try Touchy – you will need to get some friends involved too!

Inventor, Dan Zen

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Happy Holidays – Interactive Snowflake

December 26, 2008


Happy holidays – you can drag the shapes around to make your own!

Dan Zen

Cool – just reached 10,000 views…


Stick Aliens are Here! Found by Oracle Proximity Intelligence…

July 14, 2008

Stick Aliens on facebook

Agency Zen has launched its second facebook application.  Stick Aliens lets you use the Oracle to determine your alien tendencies.  To use the Oracle just drag the eye or any of its icons around and then the Oracle will provide a Stick Alien vision on your profile page.

Stick Aliens on facebook:

The plan is also to launch Stick Aliens through Open Social and one day enhance the feature to solve mystical puzzles based on which aliens your friends have.  Enjoy!

Group Games Presents Nano Race! on facebook

May 14, 2008

facebook Group Games - Nano Race Group Games is a new concept that in a sense hacks the facebook groups to create games where the leaders are those with the most group members or pictures or wall posts of a certain type, etc. Here is a link to the Group Game group on facebook. Note, that anybody can make a group game and it does not require coding. If you are interested, please consider adding it to the group game page and be part of the collective.

Nano Race! Is the first group game where you join one of the groups that are working towards being shrunk to nano size to gain great speed, strength and riches. How exactly that works is up to the players to role play. The group with the most explorers is winning the race!

The game hearkens back to early Dan Zen social networking games of Blimp Race and Shrink Ray. Please see the post on Social Networking, Social Media and Social Gaming.

The groups are pictured below but do not link through to the game. It is best if you join the overall game group for nano race by clicking the Join Group link at right. Then pick one of the groups by clicking the link to the group and then JOINING the colony group. Then invite friends and write on walls to role play the game.

  1. Join the nano race group
  2. Join the colony group of your choice
  3. Invite friends to join your colony group
  4. Write on the walls to role play the game

Have fun!

A Million Clouds – Resort for Jet Pack Folk Like Iron Man

March 16, 2008

A million clouds environmental game

Pccchooooooo! What speed! What Serenity! The two do not usually go together but then again it is not every day that you get to fly a jet pack through peaceful puffy clouds.

There are a million clouds on which you can sit and look up or down, drink tea, read a book and of course think deep thoughts.

But like anything, there are environmental concerns. Will the clouds last forever? How do we fill our jet pack? A bit of a twisted take on non-renewable resources. We will let you discover the answer if you have not already.

Thanks go to Steve Mazza whose jet men on clouds was overwhelmingly inspirational! As soon as I got home from his exhibit (see the picture below), I had to seek therapy in constructing this feature in time for the upcoming Iron Man boom and of course building on our fascination from early James Bond, Rocket Robin Hood, etc.

Steve Mazza Future Tense

Steve Mazza work from Future Tense show at Transit Gallery, Hamilton Canada


Mad Motorcyclist Wins iPod Chat Napping!

June 9, 2006

chat nap iPod nano winner

Jason Evangelinos has won the Chat Nap challenge at He had 53 wins narrowly beating out the second place player who was at 49! Jason, pictured here on his motorcycle with the iPod 2 gig Nano prize, is a master of speed and response!

Chat Nap is the new game from inventor Dan Zen where you try and catch your friends away from their instant messenger when they say they are there! There are over 500 players in the first few months ~ keep spreading the word!

Win iPod Nano in Chat Nap Contest

May 10, 2006

Be the first person to reach 50 wins and win an iPod 2G Nano!
Chat Nap is the game where you try and catch your friends away from their instant messenger!

Chat Nap Contest Rules:

1. To play, click START at Chat Nap: – current players and their wins are eligible.

2. A win shows up on your Chat Nap SCORES page as a Win (W).

3. For this contest there is a maximum of 5 wins per day. Any wins over 5 per day will not be counted for the contest but note that they will still show up in your Chat Nap SCORES page.

4. You must win against at least 3 different players.

5. E-mail with the subject "Chat Nap Contest" once you think you have won and include your mailing address and if you want a black or white iPod.

6. Once verified, the winner will be announced and will receive an iPod 2G Nano delivered from Amazon.

Chat Nap Rules:

1. Players sign up through the START link
2. To challenge another player click CHALLENGE
3. Message the resulting link to the other player
4. If they click the link in time they score
5. If they do not click the link in time you score
6. View player scores through the SCORES link
7. subscribe to the rss 2.0 feed to watch scores

No score is given until a player clicks a link
If a link is not clicked in 12 hours it is disputed
This catches requesting a link and not messaging it
This also catches receiving a link and not clicking it
Players can dispute the time of the link
This catches a delay in messaging the link
Disputed scores are marked as a tie on both players
Disputed scores are not desirable

Mad Inventor Reveals Chatnap

March 10, 2006

Chatnap instant messenger chat game

Chatnap is the Instant Messenger chat game where you challenge friends who have left their instant messenger on but are gone!

You use Chatnap to create a URL that you paste into a friend’s instant messenger window. If the friend clicks the URL within five minutes they win a point and you lose a point. If they do not click within five minutes then they have been caught chat napping and they lose a point and you win a point.

Sign in under START then under CHALLENGE you can create a friends list and challenge your friends. Under SCORE you can see your score and your friends’ scores. Even sign up for an RSS feed to keep track of whenever they score or lose a point.

Have fun!

WannaGet – Collecting Game for Collectors

December 9, 2005

WannaGet is the collecting game for a collection of collectors ;-). And it is designed specifically for content creators – like site owners and Bloggers – to offer their viewers something fun.

You can collect items in a number of topics (like Harry Potter, Narnia, James Bond) and as more providers create sites, there will be more items to collect. You get points for collecting – click to read the rules and play!

Motogami – Flash Motion Gaming

December 9, 2005

MotoGami is a set of motion games including ChooFu, ConGon, KiteKilt and InfiZoom. It is hoped to add more in the future.

Motion games tend to use dynamic animations, hit tests, dragging, etc. Often the simple game play can be embellished with a fun story. For example, jumping or ducking objects turned into ChooFu where you practice Kung Fu on top of a train avoiding the smoke puffs to keep your guy clean. Or a spotlight that gets smaller each time you find and click something with it becomes a search light for cons as you try and capture them after a jail break.

Dan Zen generally tries to make “mind games” with storytelling and community as opposed to frivolous motion games, but it in this case, it was fun to let loose.

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