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Future Texting – Hands on Thumbs

November 27, 2009
Future Texting

Future Texting

A humorous look at current texting on mobile devices.

Possible variations:

We grow skinny thumbs
People fork long thumbnails
We wear pronged thimbles (thumbles)

Alternative Interfaces:

Mind Control – here now in early stages
Projected keyboards with IR or laser sensors
Keyers (three keys ala Steve Mann)
Scroll OLED touch screens (ScrOLED)
Guttural commands (mouth words)

What do you think?

Check out larger pictures on Flickr!

Utopia – Erotic Mystery launches on flickr for 10 Year Anniversary

May 23, 2008

Utopia - Erotic Mystery

Dan Zen is posting the images from Utopia – the erotic mystery on flickr to mark the 10 Year Anniversary of the mystery that had thousands of people lined up for the $500 prize.

Visit the flickr Utopia Set

Visit the flickr Utopia Slideshow

(please view on slow and set options to not “embiggen”)

Promotional images are currently posted and starting Friday May 23, 2008 the mystery pictures will be posted one day at a time (12 pictures per day – 6 days).

Have fun! Please visit often and tell friends.

~ 08 ~

flickr Photos (not video as flickr has now added video – more on Flickr Video below) from Dan Zen

April 10, 2008

Dan Zen Photos

There is a site that tiles pictures from Flickr and here is a link to the latest Dan Zen shots arranged according to “Interestingness” determined by Flickr . There are many pages so please relax for a few minutes and have a browse. You can click on any picture and then choose the all size icon at the top of the Flickr page to go to larger versions of the picture.


Flickr is the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo. It is an amazing site of countless photographs organized by tags and put in groups by photographers (professional and not) from around the world. Here is the Dan Zen site on Flickr.

flickr VIDEO

Recently, flickr has added the feature to post video. This is something that I perhaps wanted 3 years ago but now with YouTube and and all these other video sites I think it is perhaps an unfortunate move by Yahoo. flickr was pure and in its purity had strength. It does indeed have an amazing organizing system and I can see the value of locating video in the same way we locate pictures. And there has been a bit of a lull on flickr so perhaps it will help but my intuition is that it is unnecessary and perhaps unwanted as the Flickr “We say NO to Videos on flickr” petition group below indicates.

Currently with 21,000 members.

Out of Focus Photographic Art – Focuso – Desktop Backgrounds

November 25, 2007

Focuso - Out of Focus Photographic Art - Desktop Backgrounds

I have been shooting photographs that are out of focus on purpose as artistic expression. This allows us to concentrate on form, composition, color, mood and avoid some of the everyday details that can make a picture too complex. Often these pictures take on the look of a painting because the blur is similar to a paint stroke. The genre is called Focuso. Focus Out.

I have put together a site which makes it easy for you to save Focuso pictures for your desktop background. Thanks Amy for the suggestion.

I have posted links already to these established sites that showcase works: – Out of Focus Site Launches – Photography to Philosophy

March 31, 2007

Focuso - philosophy - photography site features the philosophy and photography of Focus Out – the philophotog – philography – photoshophy.

There is a Focuso Explosion Contest for a free one year Flickr Pro account so come on out and leave a few comments and see if you win!

2021 – Future Girl Madeline Zen (Second Set of Fashion Pictures)

February 28, 2007

A Zen Picture presentation with Moog sounds and Madeline’s voice featuring shots of Madeline Zen mixed with the Focuso of Dan Zen.
(see – show – thumbs

The poetry or story was written based loosely on Nodism the philosophy of connections and in particular a single hierarchy to node zero. It also alludes to some aspects of META the anti-gravity sci-fi mystery that also works through concepts of Nodism. Nodism should be very much in tune to anybody who does object oriented programming as a way to model life or XML as a way to store information. It is an open for discussion philosophy that explores all sorts of important concepts of meta such as generational thought, movement movement, feedback feedback – it involves orgalines, chronolines, nodes, paths, etc.

Full size pictures are available on Flickr under fashion:

The picture above tells of feedback – often thought of as a thwarter of hierarchy but in reality, does time prevent the same thing happening and actually what occurs is more of a curl or helix.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment or any questions. Once again, you can do this stuff too… Zen Picture is free to download and includes Zen Sort which is a very simple yet effective tool for story telling. Arrange pictures and write captions. You will create very interesting and unique plots trying to get from one picture to another.

Focuso – Focus Out – Out of Focus Photographic Technique

January 30, 2007

Focuso - Focus Out Technique

Been recently taking pictures called Focuso – out of focus on purpose for artistic intentions. These create cool backdrops because there tends to be no subject or at least no subject in focus. There is a Flickr group here:

And below is a Zen Picture set that encompasses about half an hour of focuso shooting so you see that Focuso can be quite varied and you can be prolific with the shots.

Focuso helps you understand framing and balance, colors, depth of field, and other important photographic and design elements. Once you see something that looks good in Focuso then you can focus and you often find a balanced shot that works well in focus too. And visa versa is good to try where you put good looking compositions out of focus to see their balance.

Let us know what you think…


Fashion Future Girl, Madeline Zen – Nano Phone Brain Wave Wear

October 10, 2006

future girl Madeline Zen nano phone brain wave wear

Future Girl Madeline Zen with Pendant OLED Drone Phone, Personal Magnetic Land Satellite, Chromium Nanobot Dispenser, Brainwave Concentrator, Selecting Sequence for Hologram Gun, and Rapid-growth Two-day Tree Planter.

This minus five minute fashion shoot of model Madeline Zen features gadgets by Mad Inventor Dan Zen and Artist Brian Kelly with sound by Dan Zen all within the Zen Picture (Pan Zoom) tool.  You can download this tool and use it with your pictures and sounds for free!  Read the instructions for how to pan and zoom – after doing it a few times – it’s easy!

Let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more fashion shoots…


Pictures of The Rock Garden – Hamilton

May 15, 2006

Hamilton Rock Garden

Pictures of flowers mainly tulips at the Hamilton Rock Garden in by the Rose Garden, Tulip Garden, Lialac Dell, Snake Road, The old fishing bridge, Hidden Valley, and more. Owned by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Click here to see the Zen Picture presentation.

Hamilton’s Elegant Buildings

April 17, 2006

Jackson Square Hamilton Pictures of Buildings

James Street South in Hamilton Pictures of Buildings

Just spent a few hours taking pictures along James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I took about 300 pictures then my gig card ran out. Hamilton was an ideal model. Every direction I turned I had great shots – superimposing styles – reflections – etc. I whittled these down to 100 processed shots. You have to check them out – there are some great shots.

Here are the Zen Picture presentations (P) or you can click to see thumbnail pages (T). You might want to try the show in full mode and then in fit mode. (P) (T) (P) (T)

If you are interested in Hamilton, there are other photo shoots on the Zen Picture site as well – waterfalls, blossoms, factories, etc. I plan on doing James St North soon – a happening artists revolution is going on there now. I'll be hitting the alley ways as well. 

Mad Inventor Pictures (Early History)

March 10, 2006

Here are some pictures of Dan Zen preWeb. As with most people, many exciting memories were not captured on film – oh well. One day I would like to describe the various occasions shown and more.

See: under Mad Inventor Early History


And then choose all sizes to view the larger size of the picture above.


January 28, 2006

Berry on Mossy Stone

Took a second set of pictures in the backyard and added some “floetry”. Here is the Photoshoot Zen Picture Pan Zoom and a few pictures from it are posted on my FlickR site.

Eye See You – Birch Forest Pictures

January 4, 2006

Birch Forest Dundas Pictures

Just went down to Sulfur Creek in Dundas and walked around in a little circle about a city block. Found all sorts of fungus and birch trees, etc. Here is the Photoshoot Zen Picture Pan Zoom and a few pictures from it are posted on my FlickR site.

Spell of a Fractured Land

December 29, 2005

Spell of a Fractured Land Pictures

A photoStory has been posted on Zen Picture Pan Zoom and a few pictures from it are posted on my FlickR site.

Experimental Pictures

December 11, 2005

Experimental Pictures

Just posted a few experimental pictures I did in the workshop by hanging a camera on a string over a candle and a black light strip. You then set the shutter speed to about 8 seconds and swing or spin the camera around. Examples with moog from my old band thee Gnostics (site to come some day) are up on Zen Picture Pan Zoom and a copy are posted on my FlickR site.

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