Dan Zen “You are in the Dark” – New Interface Launch

Dan Zen launches a new interface!

Here is a look back through the various interfaces.  Click on any picture to go to the interface.

The “dark” interface is better suited for mobile and like the interfaces of the past offers a touch of playfulness with a light metaphor of early text based games.  [It almost made me want to make one of those.]  There is the recent http://altura.mobi if you are in the mood for text based interactive storytelling.

Up top we have the Dan Zen logo as a pixel art logo this time around (click it too).  Note that each interface is represented by a vertical totem logo variation.  There is a * link to a surprise feature, an about link, a contact link, a text ad and a GOGO Ad.

The main body as has five sections roughly as follows:

1. Guidance
2. Media
3. Games
4. Feedback
5. Create

The first section is always at the top and the others randomly rotate.  There are little >> marks after links that will pop up more options.  The other links pop up a new browser window or tab.  You can use key press letters to launch the links as well.

We hope you enjoy the site.  The design makes it simple to feature items although it is a bit more exploratory which is good or less good depending on your mood and purpose.

Dan Zen


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2 Responses to “Dan Zen “You are in the Dark” – New Interface Launch”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    The Tree interface was not really a full site interface. It was an umbrella site that included a link to the deck – which remained the interface for the various features.

    Dark is also an umbrella site but does include the icons down the sides (except on small screens) so it is sort of a mix. Dark does take on the metaphor of a platform – such as paper, board, arcade, deck and now text adventure. Tree did not – unless you consider it the game of life.

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    By the way, the Pagoda of Games was restored to the original Flash Interface, somehow that was lost and the links went to the image map version for the last half dozen years. I always liked the Flash version because it was an early example of a motion graphics interface.

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