Swoodle, Wavy, Tada!

Dan Zen has just launched three mobile apps on iOS, Android and Playbook. The apps were made efficiently with Adobe Flash and Flash Builder. Just search the stores for the apps by Dan Zen.

Swoodle Mobile App by Dan Zen TITLE: SWOODLE

BUILD: 2 Nights

DESC: Swoodle to hone your finger tai chi!

Wavy Mobile app by Dan Zen TITLE: WAVY!

BUILD: 1 Night

DESC: Wave your device to make sounds!

Tada! Mobile App by Dan Zen TITLE: TADA!

BUILD: 10 Nights

DESC: Decision and Faves tool.

The apps were uploaded to the three stores in one hour. This is amazing cross device efficiency from Adobe Flash and Flash Builder.

Dan Zen is the creator of TOUCHY the mobile app where players try to touch each others’ devices.

Touchy - Mobile Game by Dan Zen

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3 Responses to “Swoodle, Wavy, Tada!”

  1. The Truth about Flash on Mobile « Dan Zen Says:

    […] Here is a recent post about three mobile apps that Dan Zen has just launched that are made with Flash and Flash Builder: https://danzen.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/swoodle-wavy-tada/ […]

  2. Brian Berneker Says:

    Didn’t Apple rejigger their licensing to prohibit cross compiled apps (needless to say to the dismay of Adobe), or is this something different?

  3. Dan Zen Says:

    That got reversed a while back. It just goes to show that Adobe has a perception issue that they have not addressed. I had UofT CCIT (Cultural Communication in Technology) students over the summer still thinking you could not put things built in Flash on the iOS when you have been able to for more than a year. A year that I have spent telling people that you can. Gets frustrating.

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