Happy Holidays – You Better Watch Out! 3D Parallax Card

3D Parallax Holiday Card from Dan Zen

Please click: http://www.danzen.com/holiday2009/ to view the interactive card!

The card makes use of the HummingBird 3D Parallax class for Adobe Flash.  HummingBird is part of the Dan Zen Flash Feathers series of advanced interfaces.

HummingBird 3D Parallax

You will need a current Flash plugin which you probably already have so just try the link…

Enjoy and happy holidays!!!

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2 Responses to “Happy Holidays – You Better Watch Out! 3D Parallax Card”

  1. Kevin Dodd Says:

    Hi all, I completed this recently using HummingBird 3D Parallax.
    The file is 700kb so loading takes a few seconds. If anyone can help with a preloader that works with this, please advise. Also I would like help with regard to getting this file to work by loading external 3D Parallax swf files into one main 3D Parallax home page.

  2. Kevin Dodd Says:

    Check out http://www.rawarchitects.com re. the above comment.

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