The Next 50 Years – Futurist Inventor Dan Zen

2022 SafetyGlow Personal Aura


Personal Computers | Bank Machines | Networks | MiniVans | CD ROM | e-mail | KB


Internet | Online Shopping | Search Engines | Portals | Pictures | SUV | DVD | Webmail | MB


Environment | Social Networking | Mobile | Broadband | Hybrid Cars | video | Thumb Drive | Messenger | GB

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Cradle To Cradle | Electric Cars | Oled Walls | Digital Paper | Micropayments | Nanotech | Solar Panels Everywhere | TB


Mediated Reality | Genetic Tech | No New Gasoline Cars | Oled Everywhere | Room Junkies


Public Space Travel | Molecular Computing | Implants To Extend Life 10 Years | Holograms Everywhere


World Council | No-waste Nuclear Batteries | Artificial Intelligence Passes Turing Test | Communication Implants


World Currency | Space Resorts and Colonies | Life Extended By 40 Years | Nano Plague | Mind Mapping and Storage

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9 Responses to “The Next 50 Years – Futurist Inventor Dan Zen”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    Slightly related… just posted an Inventing in the Environmental Age post at

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    And by the way… this was just quickly off the top of my head in the bath… I am sure if I sat down and thought, things might be rearranged and added to, etc. What do you think? Why don’t you post your own predictions and leave a link!

  3. Rick Blythe Says:

    not a bad list.

    but I really expect some bad news too. Oil wars, water wars, pestilence, super-bugs.

  4. Dan Zen Says:

    The optimistic futurist inventor. Just inventor is fine – not really into being a futurist – might have retitled it The Next 50 Years – Inventor Dan Zen on the Future.

    I hope that our dependence on oil goes down before we war more. Water will be interesting especially if sea water level rises and contaminates fresh water. I wonder if that would cause more evaporation and thus more rain. This might be countered by warming but maybe not. Have not heard this aspect discussed…

  5. Ted Coombs Says:

    Climate change isn’t promising to reduce the amount of precipitation necessarily. What it is promising to do is change the way and location it’s delivered. Rain will be more intense causing floods as it can not be quickly absorbed into the ground. There will be more rain than snow in the future. Places that once relied on the slow drip drip drip of glaciers or Spring melt will have to contend with catching the storm surge of rain. Some places are proposing new reservoirs to catch strong river flow.

    Nanotech water filtration will assist with no methods of desalinization but it will not be enough to irrigate fields. New 100% recycling proposals have nearly 100% of wastewater recycled and the detritus, normally dumped into rivers, streams and the ocean, will find new uses as soil.

    Starvation will take over as the world’s biggest killer of humans (and animals). Unfortunately, this will lead to a new kind of refugee, the water refugee. Bands of people will encounter armed resistance as they begin migrating in search of food, and more importantly, water. Local skirmishes will take place as people protect their limited resources. But, the wealthy will be able to shield themselves from this with OLED walls and holograms. The world’s rich will become richer and the poor will simply disappear. Life spans will increase for the wealthy, and already have, and will diminish for the poor.

    Healthcare will change the world dramatically. Huge efforts by the well-meaning will attempt to provide life extending therapies to the poor, but the population will spike and these efforts will be abandoned. The population will spike anyway because in the next few years we will wipe out malaria, dengue fever and most of the water borne diseases, causing a huge spike in survival in places in the world already experiencing record population growth.

    All the movies in theaters will be 3D to attract viewers who can now easily download and watch movies in super high resolution at home for next to nothing.

  6. Dan Zen Says:

    Cool site Ted and thanks for the post. When you change the date to a date in the future (up to 2050), the stories at left change.

  7. TafImmath Says:

    Good writing=) hope to definitely come back soon…

  8. The Next 50 Years – Futurist Inventor Dan Zen « Zenvironment Says:

    […] MORE STORY […]

  9. Jann Says:

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