Tapoll – Now You Choose Which Polls Go On the Front Page!

Tapoll - Put your Poll on Front

Tapoll is the site where you get to predict a poll as you vote. Now, you can decide on which polls go on the front page. That is, until someone else decides on a different poll.

Visit Tapoll the Predict-a-poll site

To view polls you can choose a poll topic at left, choose the latest 20 polls, or see all topics. Once you choose a poll, you can predict and vote on the poll. Just above the poll is a link that says front. Click this link and confirm that you want the poll on the front and it will be placed on the front page of Tapoll.

See the YouTube video showing a brief demonstration of Tapoll

Have fun!

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One Response to “Tapoll – Now You Choose Which Polls Go On the Front Page!”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    By the way, Digg is now working again on Tapoll. So clicking the Digg icon at right in Tapoll will display Digg articles that match the topic.

    Click the Tapoll box next to the article to start a poll about that article.

    This was fixed using cURL in PHP to let the Digg site know that a browser was accessing it rather than a script. Most sites do not care but I suppose Digg was getting scraped a lot so set up precautions.

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