Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender Song with Missing Black Sock Wig

Dan Zen wearing a wig of unmatched socks fondly plays Peter Sellers playing Dr. Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender in What’s New Pussycat 1965. Sellers wears a long black wig and looks really groovy. He’s a bit of a mess personality wise.

See the video

The song deals with wanting to be hypnotized into being Fassbender – the song was written at the tail end of the Chessmen times part way into the psychedelic times of the Chessmen – still to be recorded and on the way to the Swinging Gurus and the space band, Thee Gnostics – soon to come out with some videos…

Grab the MP3

The song was made from all voices – I ended leaving the backing guitar in for a bit of filler. But all else is voices with minimal effects aside from some delay and reverb. I have been looking forward to doing more vocal sound recordings. I have started in on some experimental works to follow some of the experimental vocal works during Gnostics and side projects.

Mismatch Socks 1
Mismatch Socks 2 from Inventor Blog


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2 Responses to “Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender Song with Missing Black Sock Wig”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    Yay!!! This post is number one on Google for Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender! Try it out and click back through!

    Google search results for Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender

  2. Cool Songs images | Music Says:

    […] Fritz Wolfgang Sigismund Fassbender Song with Missing Black Sock Wig Image by Dan Zen… […]

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