Out of Focus Photographic Art – Focuso – Desktop Backgrounds

Focuso - Out of Focus Photographic Art - Desktop Backgrounds

I have been shooting photographs that are out of focus on purpose as artistic expression. This allows us to concentrate on form, composition, color, mood and avoid some of the everyday details that can make a picture too complex. Often these pictures take on the look of a painting because the blur is similar to a paint stroke. The genre is called Focuso. Focus Out.

I have put together a site which makes it easy for you to save Focuso pictures for your desktop background. Thanks Amy for the suggestion.


I have posted links already to these established sites that showcase works:



2 Responses to “Out of Focus Photographic Art – Focuso – Desktop Backgrounds”

  1. William Asher Says:

    I put a picture on my desktop because the picture is blown up it is now out of focus. I’m trying to find out if there is a way to focus the picture. I am new with these computer so any information would help….

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    Hi William… do you mean the picture is stretched? You can do one of three things usually: tile it, stretch it, or just set it in the middle. All of these are done by right clicking on the desktop choosing properties > desktop then making sure Desktop Background is selected and on the right choosing tile, center or stretch. This is how it is done on the PC. The mac is usually easier.

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