Dan Zen to Give Video Motion Cursor Talk to FITC, the Toronto Flash User Group

video motion cursor class example in flash

FITC, the Toronto Flash User Group and one of the largest Flash user groups in the world, has its meetings the last Wednesday of the month at the Resistor Gallery at 284e College St. (just west of Spadina). This month’s talk is on Wed. May 20th from 7-11.

Dan Zen will present at 9pm on the video motion cursor class developed in Flash ActionScript 2 to capture video motion and convert the motion to a cursor or cursors that can rollover and hold to effect interactivity such as activating buttons, or controlling character movement, etc.

An example can be found here.

We hope that all interested come and see how the video motion cursor class is made.

4 Responses to “Dan Zen to Give Video Motion Cursor Talk to FITC, the Toronto Flash User Group”

  1. danzen Says:

    Gave the talk – it went very well. I was sad that the Toronto Tech week did not bring more than the regulars – but the regulars were very attentive and many of us went out for a great dinner afterwards!

    I did prepare a site with the code for all of this, etc. so if you are interested please leave a comment here.

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    The classes have been updated to AS3. The AS2 classes are there still too

  3. Dan Zen Says:

    http://imm.sheridanc.on.ca/videomotion/ is where the code is…

  4. Interactive Multimedia Blog « Dan Zen Says:

    […] captures the users gesture motion with a $10 web cam. The Motion Cursor classes I made create a motion cursor which can be used to play notes on a musical […]

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