Nodism Blog Launched – the Philosophy of Meta

Nodism Blog

Just launched a blog that acts as an interface into a Nodism Wiki.  Nodism is a philosophy that helps us explore concepts of meta and hierarchy – generational thought, etc.

Many logical people have been modelling life now in computer gaming, etc. and their way of doing so has converged to Object Oriented Programming (OOP).  And in our information age, there has become a standard way to represent and share information, that is XML.

Both OOP and XML rely heavily on hierarchies – nodes.  And so do we all every time we organize, group, categorize, etc.  So what have we learned and can we learn that would apply to earlier philosophies from food chain to set theory.

Please, if you are interested in such matters – which you will see encompass many exciting aspects of life such as invention, time, energy, nature, god, infinity, logic, feedback, recursion, etc. – please visit and write something!!!!

Add your name to the Nodist Colony!  Learn to use a Wiki – they are amazing – and so, so useful for organizing anything!

3 Responses to “Nodism Blog Launched – the Philosophy of Meta”

  1. Lili Says:

    I am very interested in finding out more about the concepts of nodism.

  2. Alias_H. Says:

    This sounds pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when you have it all up and all.

  3. danzen Says:

    Well, thanks for your interest. I see somebody signed up on the Wiki. If that was one of you great. If not, perhaps you would like to and let me know your background and see if you would like to contribute thoughts, etc.

    On the Nodism Blog there is a post on how to put a page for yourself on the wiki. Have a read over that and come on in.

    Please come on into the new Nodism Forum as well… to communicate beyond the comment…

    Anyone else is welcome too!


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