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Technology Tapoll Predict-a-Poll Blog Launched

March 3, 2007


Tapoll, the predict-a-poll site, now has a blog that concentrates on the technology polls posted on the site.

Blogger was chosen because of its ability to embed JavaScript which is necessary for remote Tapoll polls.

Technology was chosen because these seem to be doing well and I can easily create polls in this category. If anyone else is interested in writing for Tapoll or any other area of Dan Zen, please contact us.

New Blog on Inventing

March 3, 2007


I have been planning on writing to an inventing blog for some time so here is the start.  This will, to some degree, free up the Dan Zen blog to be about the site and perhaps the person while the inventor blog will be a place to discuss the secrets and wonders of invention. 

Please have an initial visit and then hopefully you will subscribe.  I expect there to be a flow of posts as I try and handle a large backlog of ideas.   All the best, Dan.

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