2021 – Future Girl Madeline Zen (Second Set of Fashion Pictures)

A Zen Picture presentation with Moog sounds and Madeline’s voice featuring shots of Madeline Zen mixed with the Focuso of Dan Zen.
(see http://www.danzen.com/focuso)

http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/2021 – show

http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/2021/index.php – thumbs

The poetry or story was written based loosely on Nodism the philosophy of connections and in particular a single hierarchy to node zero. It also alludes to some aspects of META the anti-gravity sci-fi mystery that also works through concepts of Nodism. Nodism should be very much in tune to anybody who does object oriented programming as a way to model life or XML as a way to store information. It is an open for discussion philosophy that explores all sorts of important concepts of meta such as generational thought, movement movement, feedback feedback – it involves orgalines, chronolines, nodes, paths, etc.

Full size pictures are available on Flickr under fashion:

The picture above tells of feedback – often thought of as a thwarter of hierarchy but in reality, does time prevent the same thing happening and actually what occurs is more of a curl or helix.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment or any questions. Once again, you can do this stuff too… Zen Picture is free to download and includes Zen Sort which is a very simple yet effective tool for story telling. Arrange pictures and write captions. You will create very interesting and unique plots trying to get from one picture to another.

One Response to “2021 – Future Girl Madeline Zen (Second Set of Fashion Pictures)”

  1. Achau Says:

    Very nice overlay. πŸ™‚
    πŸ˜‰ Especially the philosophical parts.

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