Focuso – Focus Out – Out of Focus Photographic Technique

Focuso - Focus Out Technique

Been recently taking pictures called Focuso – out of focus on purpose for artistic intentions. These create cool backdrops because there tends to be no subject or at least no subject in focus. There is a Flickr group here:

And below is a Zen Picture set that encompasses about half an hour of focuso shooting so you see that Focuso can be quite varied and you can be prolific with the shots.

Focuso helps you understand framing and balance, colors, depth of field, and other important photographic and design elements. Once you see something that looks good in Focuso then you can focus and you often find a balanced shot that works well in focus too. And visa versa is good to try where you put good looking compositions out of focus to see their balance.

Let us know what you think…


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