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Zen Vlog Vlogging Site Features Mysteries and Amusements

October 28, 2006

Vlogging Features

Zen Vlog has grown to over twenty vlog entries many with multiple videos in the last four months.  The rapid growth is in part due to the ease of using the Zen Mix vlogging tool.  If you have not tried, give it a go.  You upload your picture to a place like Flickr, upload your video to a place like vimeo or and then mix them.

Sample categories on Zen Vlog are:

If anyone has any questions on what vlogging is or how to use the tools, please ask – we’d be happy to give suggestions to help you get vlogging.

All the best, Dan Zen.

Fashion Future Girl, Madeline Zen – Nano Phone Brain Wave Wear

October 10, 2006

future girl Madeline Zen nano phone brain wave wear

Future Girl Madeline Zen with Pendant OLED Drone Phone, Personal Magnetic Land Satellite, Chromium Nanobot Dispenser, Brainwave Concentrator, Selecting Sequence for Hologram Gun, and Rapid-growth Two-day Tree Planter.

This minus five minute fashion shoot of model Madeline Zen features gadgets by Mad Inventor Dan Zen and Artist Brian Kelly with sound by Dan Zen all within the Zen Picture (Pan Zoom) tool.  You can download this tool and use it with your pictures and sounds for free!  Read the instructions for how to pan and zoom – after doing it a few times – it’s easy!

Let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more fashion shoots…


Tapoll and Zen Mix at Museum of Modern Betas

October 6, 2006


Both Tapoll – the predict-a-poll site at and Zen Mix – the vlogging tool at have been added to the Museum of Modern Betas at

MoMB is a neat site that lists the new wave of Web 2.0 sites and their popularity based on bookmarks. Click here if you would like to add Tapoll or Zen Mix to

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