A Million Alarms

Zen Alarm is rapidly approaching a million views at about 150,000 views a month as a module on Google homepages. Zen alarm lets you play any Web MP3 as a time-based alarm.


Zen Alarm 2 adjusted how the alarm worked and added the feature of launching any Web page at a certain time. Also in the selection is to launch the latest vlog from Zen Vlog.

Zen Alarm 3 is planned with the following features to attend to functionality requested by an astute and lucid user named Harel – our thanks!


  • Five presets at the top numbered 1-5 in little boxes
  • A yellow save link to the right of them
  • Click on a preset to toggle the alarm being set for that preset
  • So, any number of the presets could have their alarms turned on
  • Clicking on a preset will also make it the active preset
  • The preset will then be highlighted in yellow
  • Adjust settings and click save to save them for the active preset
  • These presets and their settings are remembered across visits
  • When an alarm from a preset goes off, the preset number will flash


  • Make the “time left” numbers in the bottom right editable
  • When edited, they change the time of the alarm
  • So you can change the time or change the time left


  • Make the window or tab active when the alarm goes off

Any thoughts are welcome!

Dan Zen

One Response to “A Million Alarms”

  1. danzen Says:

    hmmm… just had a thought in that if there are presets then we may have to introduce a date. Or perhaps the alarm could be flagged as daily or weekly. That would probably do. So “once/daily/weekly” radio buttons or a pulldown. The interface is tight it would be nice not to expand it…

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