Zen Mix Poised to Revolutionize Vlogging

Mad Inventor, Dan Zen, has just launched Zen Mix a free vlogging tool. A vlog or video log is an extension of blogging where instead of a text and picture post you have a video post.

Zen Mix at http://www.zenmix.com takes this one step further by allowing you to put Web video on top of a Web picture and apply cool blend effects all in seconds for free. This makes your vlog look much more interesting than just a talking head.

Zen Mix also features Mash technology to allow you to string mixes together by specifying the file names in the URL. You can use squiggly braces to randomize these, square brackets to pick a random mix from any within and round brackets to force sequence. Nested combinations of these work as well making the feature very powerful.

On Zen Mix there is an introduction mash, a features and error mash and a love mash showing mixes of people who dig Zen Mix.

The introduction mash shows how you can take a $200 digital camera and easily make a Zen Mix file in a couple minutes. You host your video at http://www.vimeo.com and your picture at http://www.flickr.com and simple put the URLs into Zen Mix, size and position and apply effects. All this is done freely and very quickly online.

It should be noted that the Zen Mix site is quite possibly the first site to have only video content including the privacy message, error messages, promotional and instructional material, etc.

Dan Zen will be posting Zen Mix vlogs on his vlogging site at http://zenvlog.wordpress.com and you can read more about vlogging at http://vloggingblog.wordpress.com

Best of luck and send us a love mash!

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