Mad Motorcyclist Wins iPod Chat Napping!

chat nap iPod nano winner

Jason Evangelinos has won the Chat Nap challenge at He had 53 wins narrowly beating out the second place player who was at 49! Jason, pictured here on his motorcycle with the iPod 2 gig Nano prize, is a master of speed and response!

Chat Nap is the new game from inventor Dan Zen where you try and catch your friends away from their instant messenger when they say they are there! There are over 500 players in the first few months ~ keep spreading the word!

3 Responses to “Mad Motorcyclist Wins iPod Chat Napping!”

  1. danzen Says:

    Ooo… I just got chatnapped from Peru! Unfortunately I was in Scotland at the time – really napping!

  2. ison Says:

    i dont know how to play this game

  3. Dan Zen Says:

    Hi ison, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just saw the message – no excuse, I know. I don’t know how I missed it – as far as I know, I receive all the WordPress comments e-mail – I changed computers a few times and perhaps I got out of date after the new years time back then. Unfortunately, as well, I seem to get only spam so my heart is not always in to checking regularly. I hope you understand. I would like to point out, however that I have answered every legitimate message sent to me. During all of my Dan Zen years, I have never not responded to a question or request.

    Now I happened to see this again when I went to play Chatnap just now. I managed to challenge a friend on facebook – my first time playing in many years – although I always keep the game in mind as it is still very relevant. I should launch a modern mobile app version – perhaps I will after I do the Dan Zen Museum Launch. I will dedicate the game in your honour – seriously, I get so few commenters that it would be my pleasure.

    The interface could do a with a little work – I got mixed up adding but I suspect that I put an unannounced rejection for friends you are adding if you do not put in a valid e-mail address. I used just a name and it did not seem to accept it – or say why. But maybe I did something wrong – I was not sure what I was doing because of the sparse instructions. Regardless of how I perceived the interface when I designed it, I have now experienced it as a user in the passage of time. However, I did get a friend added, I did send the challenge and I did win the challenge. I was able to do it in less than a minute and it all still worked. Not too bad – just need to make sure I accept non-mail entries now.

    So… ison, make sure when you challenge someone that you use an e-mail. But… perhaps I should start at the beginning… If you are chatting and someone says they are online but they are not answering or they have temporarily left a chat and do not seem to be coming back then you can challenge them with Chatnap.

    You register your chat e-mail (this was made during the MSN reign) and then you add your friend’s e-mail using the little + in the menu bar under the challenge section (or score section). One thing about the interface is that the little arrow on the right of the bar looks like it is a pulldown when really it is a back button and you feel like the whole bar should be clickable. Anyway,..

    Under the challenge section you pick a player to challenge and submit – this gives you a link to paste into your chat window. The other person then has 5 minutes to click the link. If they do then they get a point and you lose a point. If they click the link but not in five minutes then you get a point and they lose a point. If they never click it then it is a tie. You can see your score in the Score section.

    So, see how it works? Cool, hun?

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