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Pictures of The Rock Garden – Hamilton

May 15, 2006

Hamilton Rock Garden

Pictures of flowers mainly tulips at the Hamilton Rock Garden in by the Rose Garden, Tulip Garden, Lialac Dell, Snake Road, The old fishing bridge, Hidden Valley, and more. Owned by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Click here to see the Zen Picture presentation.

Win iPod Nano in Chat Nap Contest

May 10, 2006

Be the first person to reach 50 wins and win an iPod 2G Nano!
Chat Nap is the game where you try and catch your friends away from their instant messenger!

Chat Nap Contest Rules:

1. To play, click START at Chat Nap: – current players and their wins are eligible.

2. A win shows up on your Chat Nap SCORES page as a Win (W).

3. For this contest there is a maximum of 5 wins per day. Any wins over 5 per day will not be counted for the contest but note that they will still show up in your Chat Nap SCORES page.

4. You must win against at least 3 different players.

5. E-mail with the subject "Chat Nap Contest" once you think you have won and include your mailing address and if you want a black or white iPod.

6. Once verified, the winner will be announced and will receive an iPod 2G Nano delivered from Amazon.

Chat Nap Rules:

1. Players sign up through the START link
2. To challenge another player click CHALLENGE
3. Message the resulting link to the other player
4. If they click the link in time they score
5. If they do not click the link in time you score
6. View player scores through the SCORES link
7. subscribe to the rss 2.0 feed to watch scores

No score is given until a player clicks a link
If a link is not clicked in 12 hours it is disputed
This catches requesting a link and not messaging it
This also catches receiving a link and not clicking it
Players can dispute the time of the link
This catches a delay in messaging the link
Disputed scores are marked as a tie on both players
Disputed scores are not desirable

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