Hamilton’s Elegant Buildings

Jackson Square Hamilton Pictures of Buildings

James Street South in Hamilton Pictures of Buildings

Just spent a few hours taking pictures along James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I took about 300 pictures then my gig card ran out. Hamilton was an ideal model. Every direction I turned I had great shots – superimposing styles – reflections – etc. I whittled these down to 100 processed shots. You have to check them out – there are some great shots.

Here are the Zen Picture presentations (P) or you can click to see thumbnail pages (T). You might want to try the show in full mode and then in fit mode.

http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/jacksonsquare (P)
http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/jacksonsquare/html.php (T)

http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/jamessouth (P)
http://www.zenpicture.com/zenpicture/jamessouth/html.php (T)

If you are interested in Hamilton, there are other photo shoots on the Zen Picture site as well – waterfalls, blossoms, factories, etc. I plan on doing James St North soon – a happening artists revolution is going on there now. I'll be hitting the alley ways as well.


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