Meta – Sci-Fi Mystery In Production

Work is finally underway for Meta, a sci-fi mystery from Dan Zen. The format will be different than the three Moustache Mysteries but will still be launched under the Moustache Mysteries umbrella – like Utopia.

The mystery hinges on the launch of Save Earth II which of course hinges on the earth being saved in Save Earth.

The mystery will be presented using Zen Pan, a new Dan Zen tool that mixes interactive experiences much like DJ and VJ would mix sound and video. Zen Pan Author allows users to mix pictures, video and Flash content and pan on one feature or between features.

PS in terms of sci-fi’s you have to see Ultraviolet. It is a completely consistent work of art with action twice as cool as Matrix – slightly less philosophical and large but an amazing work of art none the less. Here is my list of top ten in order “live” action sci-fi favourites off the top of my head (I may have forgotten some):

0. The Matrix
1. Ultraviolet (screw the critics)
2. Blade Runner
3. Star Wars
4. Aeon Flux (screw the critics)
5. Total Recall
6. Minority Report
7. Avalon
8. Demolition Man
9. Terminator

My more psychological / distopian would include older movies like Zardoz, Man Who Fell To Earth, Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Mad Max, Metropolis, etc.


6 Responses to “Meta – Sci-Fi Mystery In Production”

  1. danzen Says:

    By the way… that is a two minute poster up top featuring a character in Meta overtop a quick sketch for a poster concept. Turned out pretty well. Add some text down the left and I may have the poster 😉

  2. danzen Says:

    Verse 00 has been posted on Zen Vlog:

  3. danzen Says:

    Cool – this post has made the first page of Google for the keywords scifi mystery

  4. danzen Says:

    Hmm… it has moved to page 2 – I wonder if the date in a blog post affects the google ranking

  5. danzen Says:

    Back to page one on google!

    The second installment of the META nano anti-gravity sci-fi mystery is now posted on Zen Vlog at using the vlogging tool Zen Mix at

  6. danzen Says:

    The third and fourth installments are posted now on Zen Vlog at

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