Interactive Interactive II II Pictures

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Interactive Interactive II II (Four) happened on the weekend and it was a success. It is an interactive art show in a gallery space (the Hamilton Artist Inc.) where we pit Sheridan Interactive Multimedia and McMaster Multimedia students against one another (actually provide a top prize for each).

Work is experienced on SMART boards which are large, projected on and touch screens. So people use their fingers to manipulate work and create content.

The full report and pictures (look under Event Photos) can be found here:

I think the highlight of the show was the drawing tools where artists came up and used the application to make art – specifically Mike Balder’s application where you use the microphone as input to change the size of the pen as you draw. Some amazing works were created with this tool that night. See the pictures for examples. The above picture is one too.

It is a very successful show and highlights our mandate at Sheridan Interactive Multimedia where our grads provide environments in which people can create content and communicate.

2 Responses to “Interactive Interactive II II Pictures”

  1. Smart Boards Says:

    I wish such shows could be all around the country so that everyone could know about the interactive learning.

  2. Interactive Multimedia Blog « Dan Zen Says:

    […] the brush strokes get fatter or depending on the setting, more opaque.  This picture is from the Interactive Interactive show.  The picture on the right shows a music application by Kim Cullion that captures the users […]

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