Dorkbot Talk on Nodism at Interaccess

Dorkbot talk on Nodism

This was a talk for the Toronto Chapter of Dorkbot themed People doing fun things with Electricity.

When I arrived at the talk in Toronto the power was out on the block which led me to shout down these dark stairs… hellooo…. There was this clatter and then a “we’re down here…”. I made my way down the dark stairs and into a room filled with about 40 people waiting for the power to go on.

So I gave my talk on Nodism (not nudism) in the pitch dark – well there was a glow of a monitor on the table. The talk went well – it was kind of like telling a story around the campfire – without the campfire. About five minutes after I finished the power went on! So the other presenters talked and it was a great night. They called it Darkbot!

So, I have been working on a philosophy called Nodism – a philosophy of connections in particular through a single hierarchy. Nodism takes our learnings in XML – the current standard for storing and sharing a hierarchy and Object Oriented Programming – the current standard for modelling life (that uses hierarchies) and applies them to everyday thinking. The hopes is that we can bring organization more directly to our thinking.

Organization does not preclude freedom. There is a lot more, but I’ll take some time describing and creating systems to work with Nodism over the next few months.

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