Web Ouija

Web Ouija makes use of an interesting property in Shockwave – the Macromedia Director plugin. That is, the mouse can be tracked even when not over the application. So it can be tracked around the rest of the Browser window and even on the desktop. For instance, you can hover over your garbage can and Web Ouija will always give you the same message.

People can make their own lists of links and put Web Ouija on their page somewhere and their visitors will be able to roll over the links and have the Web Ouija profess its wisdom.

The wisdom is of course provided for by the Webmaster but the answer is provided by the mysterious forces of randomness.

3 Responses to “Web Ouija”

  1. baby boo Says:

    I personally dont think that web ouijas work……..

  2. Melissa Says:

    Considering I asked one, “Is this real?” to which it replied, “No.” and my next question was, “So this is fake?” to which it replied, “Yes.” And then I asked, “Are there spirits here?” and it shot immediately to, “No.” LOL. I definitely think they’re fake, and apparently the Ouija agrees with me.

  3. Dan Zen Says:

    That is too funny! Thanks for the note!

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