A few thousand people have left a stone in the Dan Zen Garden. We hope that you will now say “hello” to us in the comments of this post. Please do and let us know a little about you, a link to your blog, or just a greeting!

While you are here, take a look around and perhaps if you are a long time Dan Zen visitor, find your favourite game and tell a story about what it was like playing it. Just click the comment link!

And if you have a blog, please let us know your URL. If you do not have a blog then why not make one and then let us know your URL!

All the best,

Dan Zen

7 Responses to “Friends!”

  1. Amy Allcock Says:

    The new Dan Zen blog looks great! Glad to see that you’ve gone with WordPress – it’s a great blogging application and what I use to run my own blog. I’m looking forward to subscribing to the RSS feed as well so that I can keep up to date on all of your gadgets and games.

  2. Exploding Aardvark Says:

    My all-time Dan Zen faves are the Moustache Mysteries! (I don’t suppose there will ever be more?)

  3. danzen Says:

    Was just thinking about that today. I have a few more mysteries – the trouble is that the tool was built in Director which I have not programmed in since 2000. If I were to do another, I might move to Flash which would be quite the endevour as there is something like 3000 lines of code. So, don’t rule it out… I’ll just need to get in the mood.

  4. kt Says:

    I’m weird but I love the whistling kilt guy.
    My blog doesn’t allow me to link to other non-livejournal blogs unless I pay. 😦 Maybe I should switch blog providers?!

  5. danzen Says:

    Yes – that usually gives people a chuckle – and then klick kiteKilt… Try ChooFu and ConGone while you are there…

  6. AoD Says:

    Blog looks great! I’m also happy to see you went with WordPress, that’s what I use on Lookin forward to keeping an eye on what you’re up to!

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