Chains – Publishing Game

Chains was a communal publishing game where people would pay $10 to write a commentary on what the previous person had written on various topics. Then once 100 people had completed the chain, they would get to read it.

An interesting concept and perhaps should be moved into the realm of a free game.

Here are the categories:


A. Is it better to float down stream?

B. Does the sleep of reason produce monsters?

C. What is beyond an echo?

D. Is a game better when it portrays real life?


A. Why are you late?

B. Did you do that?

C. You dress like a slob.

D. You were going 60 over the speed limit.


A. The land of Fallovia has many graves which relentlessly remind Jade of her mortality.

B. Sheldon shoved the envelope in front of his crooked boss at the annual meeting.


A. Metaphorically kill three birds with one stone

B. The big blue thing was in the small red thing

C. The forth lever was finally pulled first

D. The moustache is lost, adjust your wrist band


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